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Restorative Justice

Empowerment Programs

Too many students miss out on the myriad cognitive and social benefits of extra-curricular programs in music, art, and creative writing (i.e. increased academic achievement, civic engagement, college attendance and professional careers) due to disparate funding for public education.  Additionally, many under-resourced schools rely on zero-tolerance policies and corporal punishment that too often funnel students to the juvenile and criminal justice systems, aka the "school-to-prison pipeline."  Rhythmic Roots Revolution delivers educational and therapeutic workshops in music, art, and writing, with profound emphasis on cultivating critical thinking skills and developing healthy relationships, proven to reduce recidivism and delinquency.

Rhythmic DRUMS

Our music program incorporates hand drumming, behavioral therapeutic principles and cognitive and dialectical elements to achieve positive outcomes.

Rhythmic WRITING

Our writing workshops use personal narrative and poetry to explore cognitive skills and subskills toward problem-solving and decision making.

Rhythmic ART

Our art workshops explore divergent worldviews and cultural norms through various artistic styles, techniques and media.

Our curricula employ evidence-based scientific methods that combine music instruction and neurobiology with social learning and cognitive reflection.  Our programs foster the social and emotional aptitudes necessary for healthy relationships while instilling core values that lay the foundation for profound social and behavioral change.    

Target Risk Factors

Measurable Outcomes: 


Measurable Outcomes: 

Correctional Facilities

Who We Work With

Rhythmic Roots Revolution programs are designed for schools, juvenile justice facilities, state and private institutions, community centers, and adult prisons.  Curricula and delivery styles are adjusted to specific audiences, outcome goals, and facility dynamics.  Our curricula touch 21 NJ DOE standards of learning across four subject categories and meet all five SEL (social and emotional learning) areas identified by CASEL.


“We love this! We talk about it all week.” (NJ JJC Residential Home youth, 2018)

After several months of writing workshops, HI Detention Home superintendent, Rockne Maunapua, described a "paradigm shift among staff where a punitive mindset transformed to one of empathy and concern." (Hawai’i People’s Fund, 2011).